A Guide to Getting More Facebook Fans


Buying Facebook likes is a great way to give your business a professional edge against your competitors. If you are ready to make the move to improve your company’s brand image then you should also be ready to do some due diligence on the seller who you are about to buy Facebook likes from.
When a brand’s Facebook page is active and buzzing with customer interaction, it is a solid representation of a professional company.
Even if the boost is artificial, the number next to “likes” instills confidence into the prospect because they assume it must be a legitimate business.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are in the market for Facebook likes:

  1. The company should never ask you for your password and/or any other account information. Promoting your Facebook fan page does not require any administrative information, passwords, etc. You shouldn’t ever give your password away! A legit company will provide you with a boost of likes or shares without any of your personal information or account information.
  2. Do they have a good reputation and a place where you can check to see an example of their work? If not, they are probably no good. There are a number of fly by night Facebook-like companies entering in as competitors. Without a portfolio or a public positive reputation, be wary of their services.
  3. The likes that are added to your page should come from real users. Some companies disguise accounts as users but when someone takes a closer look they will realize that the accounts are all empty, which won’t look good for a brand’s online image. There are a lot of these imposter companies out there. Make sure you check out the company’s reputation online and see if you can find anybody who has used them before.
  4. If you lose some fans, they should replace them free of charge. If a company is going to provide a service, they should be confident and back it up with a money back guarantee. You don’t want to be the next horror story where you bought 5000 fans and they disappeared next week… Pick a reliable company that has a good reputation.

Adding Facebook likes to your company’s page will improve your brand’s online image. This is exactly where prospects are searching to find more information about companies that they are looking to do business with. Putting effort into your internet image undoubtedly pay off in the long run.